EV’s are here. Are you ready? Charging at home has never been easier.

Are you ready to Charge?

Electric vehicles aren’t the future, they are already here. Are you ready charging at your business, workplace, or multi-family dwelling?

Changing Energy Forever

It’s time to change the way we think about energy. Find out why SkyCharge Energy is here…

Take Charge

You’ve seen the EV commercials, all the major auto manufactuers are making the switch to electric vehicles. 20 new EV models will be released in 2022! If your employees, customers, or tennants aren’t already driving EV, they soon will be!

With this shift; business owners, property managers, and sustainability leaders have an oppoutunity to attract employees, customers, and tennants to their facility by providing EV Charging.

Imagine being able to provide a gas station in your parking lot for a fraction of the cost!

Charging At Home

Charging at home has never been easier

Imagine if filling up your tank was as easy as charging your cell phone. Now it is! Most EV drivers plug their vehicle in at night and wake up with a full charge. In fact, 80% of all charging is done at home.

The only catch is you’ll need a plug or a charger capable of charging at faster speed than your traditional wall outlet. We have completed hundreds of these installations and have streamlined the process for you.

Use our fast quote, fill out some information, snap a couple pictures and we’ll get a quote back to you typically within 48 hours. All without needing to take time off work to meet us on-site. The whole process takes 15 minutes and you can do it at your convenience.

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