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Our mission is to accelerate the adoption EV’s, Solar, and other emission and energy saving products through education, and excellent customer experiences.

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Charging Towards a Sustainable Future

At SkyCharge Energy, we envision a future energized by electric vehicles, a vision that positions us at the forefront of the EV charging industry in Ohio. Our mission is to educate our community on the transformative potential of EV charging technologies, offering top-notch solutions for both environmental and economic advancement. As a licensed electrical contractor specializing in EV charging solutions, we provide comprehensive services from consultation to in-house installation, maintenance, and monitoring, ensuring a sustainable energy future for Ohio.

We believe the future is sustainable energy, for both environmental and economic reasons.

SkyCharge Energy is dedicated to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in Ohio by offering comprehensive EV charging solutions. Recognizing the potential of electric vehicles to transform energy consumption and storage, the company commits to educating the community about the benefits of EV charging technologies. As a licensed electrical contractor, SkyCharge Energy not only consults on but also implements these solutions in-house, ensuring quality installation, monitoring, maintenance, and service for a sustainable and economically advantageous energy future.

Meet Our Team

Michael Kay

President / Business Development

Michael Kay is the president of SkyCharge Energy. With a background in IT and Marketing, Michael stays on top of the latest industry trends in the fast-changing market of EV & Solar. His role is develop partnerships, develop business, and oversee overall business operations.

Sam Stephens

Estimator/Operations Manager

Sam Stephens is technical expert. He is a Journeyman electrician and is our estimator and operations manager. His role is to figure out the best approach to a project and see that the project is executed according to plan on-time & on-budget.

Elliot Wagers

Energy Consultant

Elliot Wagers is our energy consultant. His role consulting with clients to figure out the best equipment and services to fit their current and future needs. He is also the point of contact throughout the entire project and beyond.

Kyle Zacharias

Office Manager

Kyle Zacharias oversees business operations including AR/AP and HR. Kyle’s financial expertise and technical background makes him our resident jack-of-all-trades. 

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