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Go to sleep empty, wake up charged...EV Charging for your home!
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Why Home EV Charging?

Unlike traditional gas vehicles, where you go to a gas station to fill up, 80% of charging for electric vehicles is done at home. Having a level 2 charger in your house is essential for almost all EV drivers.

There is nothing better than going to bed empty and waking up to a full “tank”.

If you have tried to charge your EV with a regular wall outlet, you know that it just takes way too long. By installing a level 2 charger (220v) you will get approximately 30-35 miles of range per hour. Plenty to plug in at night and wake up charged and ready to go for your day.


Wake Up Full

Level 2 charging allows you to start every day with a full charge

Charge At Home

80% of charging is done at home. Don’t waste time at public charging and charge from the comfort of your home

It's easy!

Plug your vehicle in like you plug your cell phone in. Gas stations are only for candy bars for you now!

Make a difference

Save money and do your part to reduce emissions by making the switch to EV.

Seamless process

We make it simple to get a quote and get your install done quickly. Just fill out our easy-to-use questionnaire at your convivence and we’ll get a proposal back to you typically within 48 hours. No on-site visit required!

One you sign your proposal, we’ll get any required permits and reach out to schedule your install.



We do it all

  • We work with any charger on the market.
  • We can provide a charger or install yours.
  • We can complete difficult installations and provide options for clients with power availability issues including service upgrades and load management systems.
  • We’ll work with HOA’s and Apartment mangement to find a charging solution for you.

Why are we different?

Our installers are all certified installers from charging manufactures like Tesla & ChargePoint and we have completed hundreds of home EV charging installs. We are a licensed electrical contractor and don’t subcontract our installs. This means we will pull the proper permits, complete your installation to manufacturer specs, and back it up with a 2 year workmanship warranty. 

Join the rEVoltuion

We believe in EV’s and are actively involved in the EV community. This is why we formed Skycharge Energy to focus our mission to accelerate the adoption of EV’s and the overall switch to sustainable energy.

SkyCharge Energy is a licensed electrical contractor, we do 100% of our installations in-house and all of our installers are certified installers for the major home EV charger manufactures like Tesla & ChargePoint.


3 Steps To Home Charging

Step 1


Fill out our survey at your convivence. Our easy-to-use survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Once we receive your survey, we’ll reach out if we have any questions and you’ll typically receive a proposal in around 48 hours.

The survey will ask you some quick questions like:

  • What type of charger you are planning on getting
  • Where your preferred location in your garage is for the charger
  • The distance from your panel to your charger and the route we will need to take
  • The power availability & breaker space in your electrical panel

We will also ask that you send a couple pictures of your panel and the route to the charger. In some cases, an on-site visitation may be required.

Step 2


We’ve used the information we gathered from your survey and completed a load calculation to ensure you have available power. Here you’ll receive a digital quote for you to review and sign. Once we have a signed quote, we’ll immediately get your material ordered and reach out to schedule your installation.

You will typically get an installation date within 2 weeks depending on our current volume of installs. Installations are completed M-F between 7am -3:30pm, a typical installation takes 4 hours but can vary based on complexity. After-hour and weekend installations are available for an additional charge.

Final Step

Installation Day

Let’s get you charging! All of our installers have undergone a background check, and certifications for the chargers they install. On installation day, our crew will complete the installation and review the work they completed with you before they leave. Every installation we do follows our strict protocol:

  • Installations are completed according the current NEC electrical code.
  • All chargers are installed to manufactures specifications. Some manufactures request that we register your installation with them for warranty purposes. We will take care of this for you (While we recommend registering your charger in case you have any warranty issues, please let our team know if you prefer that your charger not be registered).
  • If your charger is wifi connected, we will connect your charger to your network and help you get set up with any apps that are needed.
  • We’ll answer any questions you have about your charger or any questions about EV in general.
  • All of our charger installations come with a 2 year workmanship warranty. If you have any issues during this time, reach out to us and we will send a tech to diagnose and fix the issue.
  • Our install team will be professional and courteous, clean their work areas once they are complete, and follow current CDC COVID guidelines.






Jeremy Shepherd
Jeremy Shepherd
They did a superb job installing a Tesla wall charger in my garage. And they charged me quite literally only half of what 2 other companies estimated it would cost. I am very pleased with SkyCharge Energy and I highly recommend them!
Victoria Ciprian
Victoria Ciprian
It was a pleasure working with Kamie at SkyCharge setting up our appointment for our EUV charging station. Mike was our installer and we can't praise him enough for his kindness, knowledge and professionalism in doing this installation. We will certainly let anyone we know who has electrical needs to contact SkyCharge Energy.
Kyle Norton
Kyle Norton
SkyCharge was very efficient and professional. They did a great job running the wiring to our outdoor parking area, which included trenching through the yard.
David Barney
David Barney
I used SkyCharge Energy for the installation of my Tesla wall connector. The online quoting process was simple. Scheduling was a breeze. Installation was top notch. Very professional and a clean install. I would definitely use them again!
nick Tracy
nick Tracy
Great job!! Will use again at my business
Julius Lattimore
Julius Lattimore
Had a great rep sell me on this solar company, ever since then it has been the worst business experience I have ever experienced. Took them 4 months to install, during install they dropped parts on my car and have yet to repair it, I have been waiting since December to have working solar panels and still nothing. Proceed with extreme caution!!!
Manish Acharya
Manish Acharya
Mike C was the electrician who came to install the 240V car charger outlet. He was professional, meticulous, prepared and patient. He did a great job in explaining how the wiring was put into the existing panel and tested it and verified it. A great experience.
Jay Grant
Jay Grant
I would completely recommend SkyCharge Energy for EV Charger installation. They were great to work with from beginning to end.
Kamalesh Yegnes
Kamalesh Yegnes
Was very happy with the work. Hassle free and very accommodating. Will definitely recommend to others.


How much does a charger cost to get installed?

The cost of a home EV charger installation varies.  The distance to your charger from your electrical panel and whether or not you have the available power can make a impact on price.

I've seen online that an install should only cost $500 why is my proposal more expensive?

While it is true some installations can cost $500 or even less if an electrical panel is located very near the charger locations. Typically an install is a bit more. We are a licensed electrical contractor and we make sure our installations are done according the NEC code and manufactures specifications, we also ensure the required permits are pulled.

We may not always be the cheapest you can find, but when plugging in 240v electricity into a vehicle with flammable batteries; often parked inside your garage – you want to make sure the installation is done properly!

How long does an install take?

A typical install takes between 4-6 hours depending on the complexity. If trenching is required, an install could take up to 2 days.

How long will it take to charge my vehicle?

This will vary some from vehicle-to-vehicle. Typically with a level 2 home charger you will see somewhere in the range of 30-35 mph of charger. With nearly all vehicles this is more than sufficient to fully charge your vehicle over-night.

Contact us if you would like to know the specific charging time of your vehicle.

What brands of chargers/vehicle manufactures do you install?

We install any charger from any manufacturer. Our installers are certified on Tesla & ChargePoint but can install any charger you prefer. We are also one of the top installers in the Columbus market. You can check us out on Tesla’s Website

How much will charging increase my electric bill?

A good rule of thumb is you spend about 1/3rd of what you spend in gas with an EV. The majority of the charging will be done at home. Depending on your utility – an average driver may see a $30-$40.

One good way to offset that cost, is to go Solar! Contact us to see if Solar would be a good fit for you.