Ownership and Funding Information Policy | SkyCharge Energy, LLC

SkyCharge Energy, LLC, a leader in the EV charging and electrical service sectors in Plain City, highlights our transparent approach to ownership and funding information. This section outlines the financial and operational underpinnings of our mission.

Our Ownership Structure Explained
The solid ownership structure of SkyCharge Energy, LLC is the result of strategic investments from our founders. With Michael Kay as the majority owner and Sam Stephens providing significant support, our financial strategy fuels our promise to deliver top-quality EV charging solutions and electrical services.

Funding Sources and Financial Backbone
The funding sources supporting SkyCharge Energy, LLC are diverse and strategic, enabling us to innovate and expand:

  • Founders’ Equity: Michael Kay and Sam Stephens have set a robust financial base for SkyCharge Energy, LLC with their investments, reflecting their commitment to our ownership and funding framework.
  • Profit Reinvestment: Reinvesting profits back into the company underlines our funding principles and dedication to the progression of sustainable EV charging solutions.

SkyCharge Energy's EV charging station, a result of our ownership and funding commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Our latest EV charging station, part of SkyCharge Energy’s commitment to ownership and funding information for sustainable energy infrastructure.

Dive Deeper into SkyCharge Energy, LLC
We encourage you to visit our About Us and EV Charging Solutions pages to get a closer look at SkyCharge Energy, LLC’s ownership and funding information and how it shapes our services.

Commitment to Financial Transparency
At SkyCharge Energy, LLC, we prioritize financial transparency, a key element of our ownership and funding information. Our adherence to GAAP ensures our financial integrity and reliability.

Join Our Sustainable Mission
Our Sustainable Practices page showcases how our funding and ownership strategies are aligned with eco-friendly operations, underpinning our vision for a sustainable future.

Expand Your Knowledge on Our Funding and Ownership

  • Explore the impact of EV charging technology on our funding strategies at Energy.gov.
  • Learn about the significance of financial transparency in our approach to ownership at FASB.org.