Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Toggle Dimmer, 700 Series, White




Revolutionary design – QuickFit and SimpleWire technologies offer groundbreaking home automation features. Unique advancements make the smart controls easier to install and more reliable than ever.
QuickFit – Improved components reduced the housing depth by up to 20% compared to previous Z-Wave models and eliminated the need for heat tabs. QuickFit enhancements are the ideal smart solution for older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations or any other application with limited space.
SimpleWire – Patented auto-detecting line/load terminals support fast installation by identifying line and load wires and configuring the dimmer accordingly. Dual ground ports, which are offset to avoid switch box mounting screws, support daisy-chaining in multi-switch setups.
Voice control – Enjoy the convenience of voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa when connected through a compatible Z-Wave hub.
Switch upgrade – Easily replace any standard in-wall switch equipped with a neutral wire to remotely turn ON/OFF and create schedules for a wide range of fixtures.
Full-range dimmability – The dimmer adjusts brightness levels of dimmable LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen lights from 0-100% to reduce energy costs and improve bulb life.
Optional toggle guide light – The white, toggle-style switch illuminates to show dimmer location and status. Color-changing indicator allows customizing the dimmer by not limiting the LED to one color. The indicator can also be formatted in four ways, including a guide light in the dark, on when the dimmer is on, always on or always off.
Multi-switch compatible – The smart device operates perfectly on its own or seamlessly integrates into multi-switch setups when paired with Enbrighten, JascoPro Series™ or UltraPro™ add-on switches or traditional switches. Up to four switches can be connected to the same light.
Range extender – The in-wall Z-Wave dimmer repeats the signal from your hub or other Z-Wave device to extend wireless range by up to 150ft.


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