Enbrighten Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control, White/Almond




Switch upgrade – Easily replace any standard in-wall switch to remotely turn on or off and adjust speed levels – high, medium and low settings – of a ceiling fan.
Multiple fans – Wirelessly control and schedule up to two identical fans from the same in-wall device
Dedicated device – The smart control is specifically designed to operate fans speeds. It cannot be use with lighting. However, lights on fans equipped with three wires – typically red, black and white – can be controlled using a separate Enbrighten Z-Wave smart switch or dimmer.
Range extender – The fan control repeats your Z-Wave signal from your hub or other Z-Wave devices to extend your range by up to 150ft. Extended signal range increases your home automation coverage to enhance your control.
Changeable paddles – White and light almond paddles are included to match your existing switches. Additional colors of the easily changeable paddle are also available.


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