Enbrighten Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer, White/Almond




Variable motion settings – Personalize the switch with three motion-detection options – occupancy, vacancy and manual. Occupancy mode turns lights ON/OFF automatically, while lights are turned on manually and off automatically in the vacancy setting. To deactivate the motion sensor, select manual operation.
Light-sensing option – In occupancy mode, choose to allow the switch to activate any time motion is detected or only in low-light situations.
Custom operation – With 5 time-out duration options ranging from 5 seconds to 30 minutes and 3 motion-sensitivity levels, the switch accommodates any room with varying amounts of activity.
Changeable buttons – White and light almond buttons are included to match your existing switches. Additional colors of the easily changeable buttons are available.
Multi-switch compatible – Easily replace any standard in-wall switch equipped with a neutral wire in single-pole or multi-switch setups when paired with add-on switches (model 46199). Connect up to 4 add-on switches to the same light, fan or appliance.
Range extender – The switch repeats your Z-Wave signal from your hub or other Z-Wave device to extend your range by up to 150ft. Extended signal range increases your home automation coverage to enhance your control.


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